Tuesday, February 28, 2006


hello! it's me again! :) cheers. sigh. matthew dao-ed me today! :( grrrrrrrr. anyway. for those who read timo's blog, there's absolutely NOTHING between brown bear and pikachu. hahaha. it's all timo's fault la. but yes timo, i won't kill you cause you're my mortal. and being the responsible angel that i am, i'm supposed to protect you right? heh. so don't worry. you won't be dead.... but i'd worry abt my chem tutorials if i were you...... hahhaha. no la. joking.

anyway! volunteered to be timekeeper today. cause i thought i could slack it off. THEN! SOMEONE made me the chairperson of that stupid debate cause nobody else wanted. !#$%^&*(what the??!?!?! feel quite bad in the end. was lousy. and i feel bad for tapping that stupid whiteboard marker so many times. :( it's quite a mean action don't you think? but i seriously didn't mean to be mean. hmmmm. mean to be mean? hmmmmmmmmmm......

really funny today. me and jiayi had a funny talk. about funny things. hahahahah. :D -heart thumps faster- okok. joking. guiyi doesn't care about this kinda things. muahahahah.

dance was fun! girls hip hop had LOADS of shaking. like. shake shake shake. then wait a while. then shake. i can't remember that! then in the end i had so many stitches i gave up. just put me at the back. :) and then! xinqin's dance was fun too! just that i had this throbbing headache again ( i think i know why...) yup. then when i had to do chaînnés (is that how you spell it?). i was like. dying. got so dizzy in the end, i couldn't walk in a straight line. kept going in diagonals. hahaha. that's funny. :)

can't seem to dance properly nowadays. i'm damn stiff. in my eagerness to get everything sharp, i became stiff and undancey. how?!? :(

chem tutorial to do. IN ONE DAY! grrrr. at least it's four questions. plus that stupid worksheet that no one gets?!?! quite funny. grace, yuklun and i, we were like "eh so how to do". then we decided on not asking questions because we all dont know what each other is talking abt. ahahha.

aie! french. is. killing. me. i'm going to be at the bottom of the class la no joke. grrrr. like hello? how to do all the homework! got essay somemore! help!!!!

guiyi at 10:02 PM


Monday, February 27, 2006


TIMOTHY WONG. you watch what you say on your blog. you're damn mean la! :( GRRRRRR. i'm gonna murder you you pig. you just wait. one of these days i'll scrawl all over your chem tutorial. MUAHAHAHA.

guiyi at 10:52 PM



oh. finally. a new blog. my god. i hate diary-x for making me go through this torture. anyway! you do realized that funkypants is such a popular name. :( so now i'm funkypantsme. quite ego but who cares. i die die also want funkypants what. cannot is it. anw. timo's blog is funny. i think he has a lot of time. not to mention resources (softtoys!) my gosh. his collection of soft toys is like... wow. note. HE. ahhaahh. :) this is funny. :) cheers.

guiyi at 10:38 PM