Friday, March 31, 2006


today was a traumatic day.....

it all started from the fact that i had to collect chem tys. got grumpy cause i had to withdraw money ($600 k. no play play) and i couldn't find the strong people (read: guys) to help me take the books. so had to ask other people. not that they're weak, just that i'm a bit grumpy abt carrying books. haha. but oh well. in the end i carried the least. oooops. :P feel quite bad. after all, shimin they all offered to help. hwee was the best. she carried the heaviest stack. hoho. :) must be archery.

anw! then the bunch of them were cuddling around whispering something. so suspicious looking. and they stopped talking when i approached. so naturally i thought that they all hate me! :( and that they were talking abt me! (that part i was correct k) haha. so i got paranoid and walked away. :( boo.

on the lift: they kept giving me strange looks (timo you're the most guilty one of them all) all the way from the lift to the classroom too...... and whispering (jiayi and kelly i saw that. hmphs.) and the best: i asked grace, "grace! are they talking about me?" and she replied, "no la don't worry." !!!! haha. then we walked into the classroom and then disaster struck.

i followed grace and jiayi innocently into the classroom. "lets sit at the back row!" they said. so i happily walked there.... and then kelly suddenly said, "jiayi! come sit next to me" and jiayi turned and so out of curiousity i turned around to see what's happening. then! to my horror, when i turned back, matthew was already standing next to me and so i saw it coming.... and yes! chan yuk lun had positioned himself directly on the other side of me! (it all happened in a sec) to play that prank! :( so obviously my first reaction was to yell and scream. i mean. you would if you were me too right? right. because i knew was going to come next. those two idiots started to hug me. i repeat: started. haha. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. i was so shocked la. i couldn't stop screaming. and being the strong (ahem) guys that they are, i couldn't escape. well. at least they didn't really hug or i'd have fainted from shock. hoho. :P bleagh. stupid matt still pushed me on the chair. !#^*%$&**(^&*(()) so scary. like there are two bouncers standing next to me. i felt like a trapped animal so i had to sit down meekly and be at their mercy. and to prove their point that they don't hate me they kept inching closer. i swear it makes me feel uneasy. heh. esp when ET and june tan are so jealous la! haha. so i had to endure the entire gp and maths lesson sitting next to them. which was actually quite funny cause it's fun watching yuklun and matt argue over stuff. like maths. and listening to them talk cock also. haha. i felt stupid tho. they are so smart la. bleagh. but they are still scary..... :)

all these just to show that they don't hate me. :) heh. but i think they'll hate me after today. :( i didn't turn up for dorm. :( alamak. next time schedule it beforehand so i have a few days to sulk and argue with my mom. :) then she'll let me go! :) yay.

don't i sound happy today? i swear it's cause suddenly i felt loved. :) hehe.

aiya! that stupid jiayi. never remind me to go to the toilet today after maths! :( how could i have missed it. stupid ET. grrrr.

are you sure you people don't hate me? don't bluff me k. :( i'd be so heartbroken.

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Wednesday, March 29, 2006


so cool right. :)

aie! just happened to remember this comment i made to jiayi: i have a long list of what i look for in my boyfriend k! haha. first up! must be romantic! haah. and then follows a long list of crappy things. heh. like must be quite dao to others but nice to me. i'm one morbid person.

be truthful. stop telling me that you don't dislike me. stop trying very hard to act friendly with me if you don't even want to. everyone knows/can see that you dislike me. and please. don't stare/roll your eyes. especially not with your friends you! you think i can't see it? is it really fun gossiping abt how weird/stupid/bimbotic/gay/spoilt someone is?

you know. my conscience is seriously gone. i'm going to zip up from now on. -zip-

oops. ranting again. bleagh. and the above is directed to quite a lot of people (combination k. don't think it's just for one select group. cause you're wrong).

i sound quite angsty now. i think i know why. can you people stop talking to me in that "i think you're stupid and bimbotic" tone?

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Monday, March 27, 2006

i thought you loved me more than that

aie. the world hates me. seriously la. nobody. i mean NOBODY. takes the initiative to talk to me. i suddenly feel that i'm imposing on them. like. they feel obliged to talk to me cause i started the convo firsti should just shut up and not say anything from now on.

french today was totally screwed. i mean. i had an answer ready. but i was too freaked to answer properly. in the end all i managed was: je suis perdue. i'm lost. erps.

m. chan hates me. sigh. i must be the lousiest student ever.

i seriously cannot hold a conversation well with some people. when we're in a group i can just talk and talk. but individually i get tongue tied. what's wrong with me?

i always thought doing a good deed everyday would make me happier. sigh. what a fool. i'm still not any happier than i was before. anyway. stupid of me. doing a good deed is to make other people happy right? but seeing people smile makes me feel happier. that's what's motivating me i guess. sigh. i sound so selfish.

i'm turning into a bloody bitch. BLOODY. i used to look at some people and think: "hey! they think they're so popular, but actually they're all so pretentious." am i becoming like that too?

i love every single one of the moo-ers. i just realized that. they're just like family to me. moo-ers i don't wanna change into someone i don't wanna be. heeeelp.

oh ya. was talking to jiayi today. i wanna take up latin..... but i need a partner. erps. -___-" i think i shall just partner the teacher. :D how cool is that.

dance makes me happy. yet, my standard is dropping. i'll never become as good a dancer as my sister. not even half of her...

dancing makes me happy. at least i can forget everything.

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it's the wildest night ever. seriously la! i didn't obey my curfew! erps.

haha. watever lor. mom didn't call today. woohoo.

timo and yuklun can sing! my gosh. haha. can't wait for matt to start singing too. hoho. kbox is fun la. fourteen dollars is worth it just to see yuklun sing his heart out. -ahem- timo got damn sian in the end. :( booo. didn't manage to really catch his voice.

it's funny the way we all could turn up in such a short notice. seriously la. suddenly in the afternoon timo just smsed. hahaha.

kelly's singing melts my heart. woooo..........

i saw it coming. but couldn't be bothered to prepare for it. see la. and it's too late to regret.

aie! totally forgot abt school la. sigh. next time we should do it on a saturday or sth. haha. :) fun! and kelly suggested ice skating! yay! haha. then we can see each other fall in a very unglam way. haha. yes yuklun and jiayi. i'm talking abt both of you. :)

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Sunday, March 26, 2006


it didn't rain today. strange. somehow i expected the rain drops to come today... even got my umbrella, raincoat, poncho and handkerchief ready. i was all set to face the oncoming storm.

but hey. it didn't come. damn it. haha. was looking forward to the mooing....

it does get a bit too wet sometimes. how did you manage to do it james? do the steroids help? maybe it speeds up the process....

i can't believe some person actually said that a lot of people love the rain. i mean. the a lot of people definitely does not include us.

strange. in the minority. hoho.

i was eating lunch in school today. sad i know. but yes. i have no life. but when i was talking, i suddenly saw a speck of saliva fly out. gross i know. but i couldn't stop laughing after that. it was too funny. i suddenly thought of HIM. and my world just lit up. hahahahah.

i can't wait to write this on my blog to show matt and yuki: the world hates me. :( really. nobody likes me. they're all just being nice to me even tho they all don't like me. all just being nice. :(

but seriously. i really get the feeling that they don't like me. :( as in. i get the feeling that a lot of people don't like me. sometimes i should just keep my mouth shut and not be kpo. see la michelle. all your fault la. now she hates me.

anyway. back to the rain. was quite happy that it didn't come tho. even tho i was so prepared for it. but well. i shall remember to bring the raingear again every tuesday and wednesday. just in case you know. can just whip it out anytime. oh yes. and everytime i end up going to j8 with matt in the vicinity, i must clutch on to the damn umbrella. even a slight drizzle can pour in torrents when you're not careful. and when michelle's mooing skills are too lousy. try harder* michelle. in every way.

michelle stop mooing the damn rainman. he keeps "forecasting" the rain whenever you're around. lol.

*this entry is very dirty i must say. but still. i'm still bearing a grudge against the rainman for brewing a storm whenever it's not necessary.

i'm ranting. i should go now. i just realized that my poncho has a hole. no. i must go buy a new one. every area has to be protected. the power of the rain is too strong. it can even penetrate the plastic la. how strong is that. oh. and corrosive too. eew. my beautiful skin.

oh yes. i should go get a jacket too. for the extra protective underneath my poncho and raincoat. triple layer protection. after all, acid rain is really bad.

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Wednesday, March 22, 2006


alamak. can't believe what i did today during break. so embarassed now! :( what's wrong with me. it was just a freakin test la. wah lao. not like i never fail before?!?!?! oh my gosh. i must be out of my mind. :(

jiayi! :) you're such a darling! :) thanks dear. :)

anyway! matthew is such a jinx. i always get drenched whenever he's around! grrrrrr. hhaha. thanks timo for the shirt. :)

we're getting too loaded with steroids. stop it people. we're just gonna end up grunting at each other. haha.

i hate the rainman.

guiyi at 9:28 PM


Friday, March 17, 2006

ikan kekek

we're singing this song for laoshi's dance! it's damn cool! haha. :)

Ikan Kekek

Ikan kekek mak ilui-ilui
Ikan gelama mak ilai-ilai
Nanti adik mak ilui-ilui
Pulang sama mak ilai-ilai

Tenang-tenang air di laut
Sampan golek mudik ke tanjung
Hati terkenang mulut tersebut
Budi yang baik rasa dijunjung

Ikan kekek mak ilui-ilui
Ikan gelama mak ilai-ilai
Nanti adik mak ilui-ilui
Pulang sama mak ilai-ilai

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Monday, March 13, 2006


when GP gets boring... we need to unwind. so here goes! a photo of us going crazy. the story line is this. apparently i died and they were shedding crocodile tears. then! miraculously i was revived. (think: romeo and juliet. hahaha.) and then they were damn shocked. so here's the award winning photo of us fakers. haha.

guiyi at 9:47 PM



ok guys! this post abt bibi is purely innocent. don't go and xiang wai wai. haha.
ANYWAY! bibi's got a new christian name! he's called MEOvin! hahaha. so cute right. :) yay. cheers! :D hahaha. he's so excited about it! :) he keeps going: meow! haha. :) yupp...

anyway! dance camp was fun! :) i actually wanted to bring my bibi along... but then! i thought of what my classmates would do to him and i decided against it. and it's a good decision anyway. the classroom floor was so dirty... :)

oh yes. back to the camp. it was great cause i got to swooon over sth.... with jiayi! :) innocent steps is a great movie! but the romance part was so slow.... -yawns- haha. the latin dance part was like... WOW! :)

eeks. wanna go studio wu for dance classes leh. but hell. i can't afford to pay the 10 classes promotion. :( boo. no time to go for so many. bleagh.

are we going to have a class outing? we can revise chem together. haha. you know. bonding. hahahah. ok sorry that was lame. :)

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Wednesday, March 08, 2006


muahaha. i'm starting to like our class alot! haha. :) the addition of six new members (girls. muahaha) has made the class more happening. plus the fact that obvious bonding is taking place! (nods head appreciatively). i must be more enthu abt this. :) cheers.

i like the new classmates! :) they all look fun. haha. :)

just to clarify. i thought that she was funny and cute. and a bit morbid yes. but i guess it's cause it's really amusing listening to her. but hey! i like her and i have nothing against her k! :) just thought the whole prac thing was a bit funny that's all. i should be nice to her. after all, i think she's a nicer person than i am. so. :)

i'm slowly losing my conscience. grrrr. haha. jiayi and her steroids.

was sifting throught the orientation photos! and the ego me decided to fool around with the image button on blogspot.

and the pictures can't be uploaded....


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Sunday, March 05, 2006


recently, a few of my friends described my bibi as a bear. :( and he was very affected by it. today, i saw him clutching on tightly to his tail, refusing to let go. so i asked him: bibi! why are you holding on to your tail so tightly? and my poor bibi replied: to prove that bibi's a cat! not a bear! :( meow! my poor bibi. :(

haha. yes. so bibi's a cat! and specifically, a white siberian tiger. meow! :D bibi's so cute! :) yay. cheers. and loo loo feels so neglected. haha. but it's ok. cause i gush over him every bio lesson! haha. so hot! :D cheers.

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heya jiayi! wanchee taught me a technique on how to massage your thighs! muahahah. i shall try it on you. try not to yell too loudly. :) cheers. it IS a MOOsage after all. hey! it has the same spelling as MOOsage (as in. message). haha. so cute.

anyway! pe pt is a killer. like. seriously. my thighs ache like mad la! couldn't even walk properly on saturday. haha. and whenever laoshi told us to do something, it'll always be followed by groans from me. i think xinqin was exasperated cause i was complaining like mad. oops.

here's a description of laoshi's dance: first you see weird groups of people running out holding clogs (yes. clogs) then someone puts the clogs on and does a weird movement. everyone stops and stares. then they start putting on the clogs and do the exact same movement. this continues until everyone does the same step for 8 times. and then! everyone erupts into laughter and spasms and shuffle to their places. !!!!! what the?!?! this dance is unique man. especially the laughing part. hahah. and the clogs. which reminds me. clogs only have ONE size. so if you're a girl and your feet size is larger than the norm. then too bad for you. :(

xinqin's dance! i'm in the sad group! why am i in the sad group! i don't want to be sad! -wails and throws a tantrum- ok. that just proves that i should be in the sad group. haha. but seriously. i was hoping that i'll be in the happy group. cause i'm always happy! don't you think?!?!? :D -blinks innocently-

guiyi at 8:32 AM


Friday, March 03, 2006


Hi toffa! :) for a moment i thought you were toffee. you know. bibi's friend.

hmmmm. whenever i see jiayi's nick i feel like laughing. are YOU a cowfriend? haah. ooi. me me me! i'm a cowfriend! haha. i have a moo moo step! :) haha. came up with it during girls' hip hop that day! but wait. don't get the wrong idea. none of the moves in girls' hip hop is like that. i was just feeling terribly bored... :) cheers.

eeks. realized that a lot of people don't like rafflesians. but yes. according to timo, it is true that some of us have high iq and low eq. (i'm currently suffering from low eq syndromes. but hey. count me out of the high iq part. :)). but what jiayi said was a consolation: but most of us are actually quite nice what! :)

hmmmm. was just thinking of the perfect way to commit suicide during break just now. along with kelly and jiayi. we came up with several methods. lets see... kelly says: just rip off the arteries and veins in your wrist! rate of blood flowing out would increase. guiyi says: but it's so slow! just cut the fleshy artery on your neck. instant effect. jiayi: we should protest against something! cut your wrist and run 2.4! then we'll die and they'll scrap 2.4 forever! [fat hope -__-"] how noble jiayi. and all these cause we had to run 2k for pe. and then do weirdo jumps. just for napfa.

actually. i think we should jump off the overhead bridge near rj. like. seriously. i mean. if yo don't die by breaking a neck, at least you'll die by being run down by a car after the jump. craaack. very effective method, but not exactly very glam tho. haha. cheers. i mean. boo. currently feeling suicidal. :) cheers!

guiyi at 11:45 PM



my god. timo solved the chinese thing. it means, and i quote: when beauty congregates together, flowers will appear, which means.. beauty brings about more beauty.

helpp.... the chinese pros la!

guiyi at 12:26 AM


Thursday, March 02, 2006


i love my bibi. :) he's so encouraging and cute. :)

was just talking to yuklun about chinese characters. it reminded me of what happened this afternoon when i was on the bus home. haha. passed by this florist. and the signboard says (in huge chinese characters): 花生美集。so i thought. hua sheng? sounds like peanuts. then. wait. beautiful peanuts congregated together? that sounds wrong. so i took a closer look. crap. i was reading it in the wrong direction. i was supposed to read from left to right (which is how you read chinese characters in singapore, just like english). not right to left (which was how i read it). so it was supposed to be 集美生花. then i felt smart. that's it. now at least it's not peanuts. then, after five seconds (during which i was silently applauding myself for figuring out the chinese puzzle), i realized something-- what does it mean?!??!?! haha. but too bad. it was out of sight by then. and i still haven't figured it out yet. haha. this is funny. ooi. someone explain that to me. the peanuts thing make more sense actually. maybe it was an orchard growing peanuts.....

oh yes. depressing week. feeling quite terrible. think a lot of people don't really like me. :( sigh...

i think xinqin's gonna cut me out of her dance. :(

i'm going to fail french test.

guiyi at 11:29 PM