Saturday, May 20, 2006


i think i know why i like wearing specs. it's because i can hide behind it.

guiyi at 11:45 PM


Monday, May 01, 2006

dance dance dance

dance dance dance! the past few weeks have all been about dance. danced till eight every night, danced till i can't do anything cause i'm so tired. haven't touched my tutorials, not a single revision for SPA and maths (stop sniggering) and yes. i think i'm going to fail (NOW. stop sniggering please). i have no idea on what's going on in the maths tutorial. have to resort to asking matt abt every single question. can't even act smart for once. then when the stupid class quiz came back i knew i'm going to fail maths for sure.

it doesn't help that SPA is on wednesday. hello. i don't know a thing abt plant physio. hmmm. maybe i should turn into a plant. that would make life much easier. and shorter at that....

no. i dont want to end up in someone's /some animal's stomach.

so. lets get back to the healthy individual-- me. suicidal thoughts abt being a plant, no. yuck. i'd rather die than be a plant. wait. i'm digressing. hmmmm.

so. the point is. why am i still blogging when i haven't done the tonne of things mentioned up there? i think it's cause at least blogging keeps me awake...

i've been eating like a cow these few weeks. spent a total of $5o on food alone in a week. oh my. -pokes flabby belly- that's bad. :( yuck. my figure looks like a washing board. nonono. that's bad. hmmmm. i need a waist! bleagh. dance nite is on friday. it'd be miraculous if i suddenly acquire a good bod by then.

i'm suddenly stuck on the meiji choc! i know. i hate choc. but this one is different. it's choc coated fruit gummy. yum yum. i'm gaining weight! NO!

i think i'll be glad when dance night's over. but life would be so empty after that. would miss xinqin and beatrice, and everyone in their dance very much. the last minute stress bonds. really. aie... really would miss suaning them. :( heh. and oh no! tomorrow's their last practice.... :(

hmmm. i heard abt yesterday's outing.... eeeks. matt nearly became a lightbulb for two couples ahahah. okok. i'm joking. don't spam me.

it surprises me that pink can be a qing lu zhuang. :P hope you guys enjoyed your time together. :)

guiyi at 8:36 PM