Tuesday, June 27, 2006


hmmmm. chem is a disaster. i have never tikamed so much before in my life for a test. the last ten minutes was like. WOW. -looks at mcq. blank! aiya nvm la. tikam!- for 15 marks and i tikamed. hohoho. :) cheers.

which means. i won't slog for any subjects anymore. because i slogged so much for chem. and look what happens! so i shall slack till end of cts.

ok! see you when i fail!

guiyi at 5:37 PM


Thursday, June 15, 2006


my blogger page is in chinese. gulps. traditional chinese somemore. the endangered kind you'll only see in hongkong and taiwan. and ancient texts.

anw! what am i talking abt. hmmm. quotes again!

carol: "we are only as strong as the weakest person" such wisdom. :)

(i can't remember who): "more haste more waste!" hahaha. during the amazing race.

timo: chiobu! (in that ah pek voice: i'm nice ok. i said ah pek only.)

desmond: "bian tai....."

wanchee: "pervert!" (you and desmond shld be best friends.)

i'm busy mugging. ok fine. that's half correct. i'm busy. yes. but not mugging. hahaha. cheers.

guiyi at 3:00 PM


Wednesday, June 07, 2006

quotes of the month

shawn tan: "i'm so sure....."

zi teng: "alright! it's back to the sh*t hole!", "awww! i'm in a cesspool!" nice tent. :)

yuklun: "strangers are the people who aren't strange. its such a funny world." hahaha. long story.

jiayi, timo and matt: "E6! E6!"

me: "ooi!" i think i said that three million times today.

anyway. nice quotes to help me remember things by. :) cheers.

guiyi at 8:36 PM