Monday, October 30, 2006

thrashed matthew!

i thrashed matthew at reversi!!!!!


but currently he's killing me at checkers now. hahahaha.

and melu thrashed me at minesweeper flags! damn! i'm going to win you again melu! you just watch!

went to city harvest sunday service today. exciting.

never knew that it can get so high. only one word to describe: WOW.

according to my mom, honestly, that's really a refreshing experience. :)

but got into a row with her again. she thinks i want to convert! but no! i already told her i'm just there to broaden my mindset. :) which i did. hahaa

guiyi at 2:16 AM


Monday, October 23, 2006

i know i look terrible with my short hair tied up! grrrr. haha. timo and matt keep going on about it. :( BOO.

today i witnessed the most shocking scene ever. and it was quite entertaining.

anyway! watched a french movie today. best i have seen so far. at least it makes sense! :D bravo!

i'm hooked to msn games! especially minesweeper flags! :D

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Sunday, October 22, 2006

watch the animation! damn funny.

it's like my bibi being chased by a rabbit. haha


guiyi at 12:58 AM


Saturday, October 21, 2006

i'm turning into an insufferable b*tch. :(

get out of it guiyi. -slaps-

can't believe i didn't turn up for school today. ARGH.

which is how silly because laoshi didn't turn up. again. :(

guiyi at 12:44 AM


Thursday, October 19, 2006

this week...

hmmm. if you have talked to me this week, you'll probably find your name below....

this week...
my dad went overseas.
my mom is going malaysia.
my sister asked if i was still alive.
my brother called me a muggertoad.

melu was upset.
kelly has sore eyes
yuklun forgot that his index number is 3. AGAIN.
natalie c. talked about relationships.
grace ponned french. :( (GRR!)
angie helped spy to check if crystal got top for maths.
crystal ordered me to do pw. :(
hek ding disappeared.
i am happy.
hwee got annoyed.
xinhui got ignored by nat low during maths lecture.
joshua got irritated with me.
nat low didn't want to sit next to xinhui.
matthew got his hand in a cast.
jiayi ate fruitips.
timo ponned school.

siauxi got teased for loads of things.
clemens is a french freak.
genim surprised me by turning up for french. :P
yejie got new specs (i only noticed it this week)
m. chan showed us a thriller that wasn't thrilling. more like enlightening.

wanchee didn't want to drink bubble tea with me.
cynthia stole wanchee and rng from me!
rng took a lift from cynthia.
alison forgot about me. :(
michelle was stressed abt rp
jiahui said i walked like xinqin
pek is less moody
linus is annoyed with friday pracs.
jingyu went for post mortem.
viola had touch rug prac.
rae got fever. :(

shiwei met up with me almost every morning!
qianhua is a grump.

if i missed you out, it's not because you're unimportant. it's just because i have a bad memory.

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Tuesday, October 17, 2006


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Saturday, October 14, 2006

wen a girl's 7, you take her to bed, then tell her a story
wen a girl's 17, you tell her a story, then take her to bed
wen a girl's 27, you take her to bed without telling her a story
wen she's 37, you tell her a story to avoid going to bed with her

a joke from matthew. hahaha.

matthew's jokes are damn funny. :D

guiyi at 12:23 AM


Friday, October 13, 2006

girls are all attention seekers.

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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

i'm sorry! I've been so moody recently... things haven't been going well for me.

so if i suddenly flare up at you, i'm sorry. :(

i don't want to think about it anymore.

get it out of my head!

it's a love hate relationship.


i don't want to cry.

guiyi at 10:34 PM


Saturday, October 07, 2006


haha ok. i have received feedback that i sound moody and depressed.

so guiyi shall feel happy now and blog about her shopping trip! woots

with wanchee. hahaha.

ok. first i'd have to admit. both of us have bad dress sense. but then. who cares. we still managed to buy some nice stuff!

we went shopping for our open house costumes! haha. first we went to look for white shirts/tanks/razorbacks. then we realized we don't really know what to wear for the top cause we don't have black bottoms anyway. so started looking around for black shorts/pants in j8. so useless! cannot find. singaporeans either really love black bottoms or they just hate them. anyway. we decided to go bugis...

bought two pairs of gorgeous ear rings! ok. not gorgeous. but really cute. :P so funny. the moment i went to poke the ear rings all the ear rings on the rack fell. didn't know i was so clumsy. :( booooo.

then continued hunting.... and then we met darrell! hahha. and he told us he was shopping too. :P and we told him we couldn't find anything and he directed us to bugis street. wah so paiseh. we're girls and we're so noob at shopping....

lala. so we found whatever we want and yay! decided to go home. after walking for a whole 4 hours. ouch. my back is breaking and i feel like i have blisters on my foot.

oh dear. i'm such a terrible shopper. only 4 hours! then want to die already. :(

i like all the bling blings!!! :D so cool. can't take my eyes off them. aiya. so vain now me. bling bling... reminds me of chuwen. bling bling!!!!! miss sec 4 year. :(

guiyi realized today that she has utterly no sense of direction. :( boo.

guiyi at 8:27 PM


Tuesday, October 03, 2006


honestly, promos is a huge fiasco.

it all started with GP. which i mugged for and i spotted several topics which included sensorship, gender equality.... and guess what? they all didn't come up. anyway. it's fine cause i always sucked at GP anyway....

and then maths paper was totally off. couldn't sleep the night before because was so worried! then our teacher was trying to scare us into studying by saying the paper is quite difficult. ok. maybe it's just me but the paper was quite ok what. quite tricky, but heck. can pass. other than the fact that i was half asleep when i was doing it.... oh. and i forgot abt the existance of a GC. hmmm. i must be quite significantly blind when i didn't notice it sitting there innocently waiting for me to punch the stupid circle equation in.

well. at least i managed to draw the damn graph. which isn't saying much as i don't have a compass. see! i was so sure there wouldn't be such a question popping up and sure thing it did. (i brought a compass in for common test it wasn't required you see)

ok. then french in the afternoon was quite a disaster. hohoho. i hardly understood the passage. so i just made up some crappy answers based on my figments of imagination. i was so engrossed making things up, i didn't realize that i forgot to leave some time for the summary.

all right. chem is the worst paper for me. it was an easy paper for chemistry department (always setting notoriously difficult papers) to set. unfortunately, i slept at 3AM the night before. (that's just an excuse by the way) holy cow. i nearly fell asleep at the first question. think i might just flunk section B. spent 40 bloody minutes on sp3 hybridised and chiral centres. well. with luck, i will pass.

french in the afternoon was quite ok. other than the fact that 1. i wrote out of point. 2. i only had one point. 3. grace and genim did the same question. DIE.

french listening on friday was honestly a MYSTERY. i could sense the question marks coming out from my head during the whole freaking exam. i have never made up so many answers in my entire life before. i think monsieur chan will die laughing at my answers. but seeing that i don't even understand what i'm writing, maybe he won't either. oh wells. hope that at least he'll understand. since i'd lose the marks anyway may as well make him laugh in the process and feel a beet happier.

AH. and to round off the whole fiasco, we had bio today, which was completely off. firstly, i had succeeded in cramming so much rubbish into my head that i couldn't sift out the right info to answer the questions in time. so while i was taking my time scrawling my answers, i could sense everybody around me scribbling furiously like there's no tomorrow.

well. at least i felt smart and relaxed for the moment. until everyone started discussing about the answers and erm. well. i decided to seek refuge.

it annoys me the way i always find out abt the stupidest mistakes i make in exams. hmphs.

anyway, back from class bbq, showered and all but can't get the damn smell of chickens off. sigh. :P haha.

hope no one gets food poisoning!

guiyi at 12:21 AM