Monday, December 04, 2006


YAY!!! i just came back from france! :D

the stay was so fun, i didn't want to leave. ok. actually not really. Paris wasn't really very attractive because the lessons were... hmmmm. anyway! it feels good speaking english again! altho some random french words will pop up. like "open my valise will you?" hahaha.

anyway! don't ask me if i've bought presents for you! cause i haven't! yay! :D hahaha. ok. i'm just joking. you know how heavy chocolates weigh?!?! oh god. :P

i love french food! i put on 1 kg there! :( BOOOO. but after 2 weeks, i started to miss chinese food already. :(

visiting the tourist attractions in Paris was like a marathon! i will never forget the vitesse in Champs Elysees that night. WOAH!

and the wonderful medailles that i collected! :D YES. haha. got xinhui and weiren hooked on it too. :P cheers. :D

I miss DIJON and the chouettes already! :( maybe i'll go back to france to study. muahaha. I want to be a bonne bourgignonne.

anyway, all vehicules in France love reversing. vans, cars, planes, boats.... hmmm. i'm super jetlagged right now!

many people got drunk in france. i shall not say who for their reputation's sake. lol. :P anyway, i think i have increased in the no. of smooth endoplasmic reticulum in my system. :P love french wine!

I MISS DIJON ET LES GODARTS! :( will update more if i have the time. starting to forget the things that happened already. :( i miss Dijon. :(

guiyi at 5:07 AM