Wednesday, May 30, 2007

friendster nonsense

friendster sends me strange updates on my friends' lives. like who has added a new photo.

isn't it strange? that the only updates you get about your friends' lives are about whether they've grown prettier/more handsome/more vain/decided that buildings or structures look better than them.

so i decided to check mine out. it's been rotting there anyway.

and then all the memories came back. as i read the testimonials, i felt like i was reliving the experience again. i realised that i've forgotten a lot of things that mattered to me. like being a psl (OMG!), cheerleading, taiwan immersion, rg dance, 405/102/french class... woah. esp miss catriona, wei wen, wai yee, wang wan and all the crappy nonsense that happened during french lessons.. the way we always bullied m. yong. hai.

i mean. it's not like i forgot that i was a psl (how to?). just that i forgot how it felt like to be one. the cheerleading experience (tarbet always doesn't have a radio), the rg dance experience (the squash courts haunted toilets, wearing leotards and jazz pants for dance pracs [can you imagine that happening in rj])..., oh well. what can i say. secondary school days were fun...

i suppose it's all part of growing up. the guiyi today is so different from the one in rg.

so now, although i'm annoyed with friendster for updating me on trivial things in my friends' lives, i'm glad that it has helped me to remember. and to stay connected. :)

and that's the end of me emo-ing for now. sigh. haven't started studying yet. i'm lagging! :(

boo. CTs here i come.

guiyi at 2:51 PM