Monday, July 09, 2007

Yuk Lun and the God.

oh yes. forgot to blog about this. it's really funny.

we're just starting on philosophy in gp. and everyone knows (at least a few of us do) that yuk lun thinks that he's God.

so we were supposed to separate into 2 sides: 1 side doesn't believe that God exists and the other does. So yuk lun wanted to walk over to the side that doesn't believe in God and then matthew said: eh wait, you're God what. you exist. and Yuk lun happily said: oh ya hor. and stayed at the God exists side. hahaha.

and then on friday we were supposed to talk about world view. (don't ask me about mine, it's rubbish). so i was thinking of what question to choose. and well, since Yuk Lun was sitting next to me i decided to do the question on whether God exists. Things couldn't get more apt than that.

Oh but anyway, if Yuk Lun is a god, so am i. So he's not a god. cause i'm not. and no arguments here cause i'm always right. there must be a thousand fallacies in this paragraph.

yup. so i've come to the conclusion that Yuk Lun is not a god.

But my world view is that if you have an ideal being in your mind, one that determines your morals and your values, one that is perfect and without any flaw, then you'll have a God. So i suppose ego people like *ahem* will be their own God. hahaha.

as i said. my world view is stupid. cheers.

guiyi at 12:35 AM


Tuesday, July 03, 2007


i just have to blog about this.

funny things i heard today:
1. timo's reason for not considering dentistry as a career option

2. i asked styx what house he's from and he replied: condo.

not a lot la. but enough to make me really laugh.

yuck. chem tomorrow. and bio.

i told my mom that i'll be jumping off tomorrow (jokin k!) and she was like. ya la. jump off from the chair.

haha. i see my attempt to scare her failed miserably. :P

guiyi at 10:02 PM