Wednesday, December 12, 2007


heya. it's me. not like people read my blog? haha.

and i wanted that poem to stay a lil longer on the web so i can boast to people about how i can predict a level poems. :)) pssst. tell the j1s to bug me! then i charge them. hahaha.

ok. sigh. giving tuition now. i'm really hardworking ok. got worksheets somemore. :D anyhow. the kiddo's really cute. GEP leh. so stressed teaching him. for a sec1 boy, he's really quite smart. I think the mom has issues with my hair....

I've been putting so much carcinogens on my head! hmmm. need super shampoo to get rid of all that. :P

rarrr. siauxi! i've updated already. no grumbles. :D

guiyi at 5:02 PM