Saturday, January 12, 2008


Days 1 2 3

Scary! going into the airport alone and boarding and everything. Travelling alone is a scary thought especially when you think about how lousy my french is. heh. Transit at paris was boring. cause i checked in too early and didn't go visit the shops and sat there for 2 boring hours reading TIME. haha. And when i reached Nantes i didn't recognise the guy who picked me up cause he grew a beard. I have issues with that. Anw, he said my french improved since we last met. But he's wrong. it deteriorated. how to improve when I haven't touched french since A levels?

FINALLY I got my internet connection. Whee! :) but i'm really hogging the place. I'd better stop soon. But anyway, I'm having lots of fun here!

The family is very very very nice and kind. They let me do whatever I want. And since I don't know how to cook basically I just sit there and get served (which is damn bad since I'm not paying but nvm la. :P) Oh, and the doctor actually lets me sit in during his consultations! So like. I'll sit in a corner and watch while his patients tell him about their symptoms and whatnots. and they're really open they say everything. Maybe it's got to do with the fact that I look foreign and they think i don't understand but i did for most lol. and all the women who came for acupuncture just stripped to their underwear happily. I've already seen a baby with bronchiolitis (had a hard time translating that!) and a female with liver cancer. and also one women who was quite badly burnt and required acu. for pain relief. and another also acu cause she broke a bone in her neck and her nerve is displaced. oh. I've seen 3 babies today and carried one. :D they absolutely love me cause i smile at them and i don't wear a lab coat. sigh. they can't get one labcoat for me. heee. ang moh babies are really cute. :D the one i carried drooled on me. but he has the most problems. silly parents never take care of him properly. oh and the doc does acupuncture and dien cham and a lot of other traditional stuffs! super coool. :D

and bibi smells funny. and he's so grey. when i put him on top of the blanket, he stands out. and in a bad way. sigh. need to wash him soon! but otherwise we're both having fun. He's loving the cold here. says it's natural. It's a nice 2 degrees here and it's raining. haha. so i can't go out today. Yesterday! I went out on a petit adventure alone. I walked all the way to another village via an expressway. nearly got killed. they drive at an insane speed of 120km/h here on the expressway. i had to totally siam. hahaha. (actually i walked there cause i got lost and the map they got for me didn't help much) heh. apparently i turned right instead of left and ended up on the expressway and stupid me continued all the way. and then i went exploring the forest behind the house. belle! :D like really enchanting. except for the smell there was dog poo around. caught a pic of a scarecrow! shall show you next time. they are really innovative. use a garbage bag for everything. but it works since i don't see no crows. heh.

anw. gtg. they think i'm damn anti social.cause i always use com. :D PS: i saw a brown cow! whee! how now brown cow!

12th Jan.

Whee! Happy birthday to me! at first i felt miserable cause i didn't want to tell them that it's my birthday. But i couldn't resist cause we had cake for dessert! so i said: en fait, c'est mon anniversaire aujourd'hui. (or sth like that. i was mumbling). and they got all excited! 19 yrs old! :D received too kisses. but sadly not from the son. HAHAHA. heh.

Anw, clinic life is still exciting, many different cases today. saw this true Breton who had too much iron in him. face all red and such. but that is BAD. cause too much of anything is bad. heh.

Watching Paul play basketball against a neighbouring village tonight! What a way to spend my ninteenth. :)) I stayed up till midnight yesterday with bibi and we sang me a birthday song. (haha. i'm kidding. But i did stay up till midnight tho. just to feel like its my birthday)

received smses today! I think it's mostly thanks to facebook too. haha. hope these people actually know that i'm in france or else they pay for nothing. a lot of unknown numbers! sigh. after i lost my phone i lost track of everyone's numbers. hmmm.

Oh. went to soldes the other day in Vannes. That's sales in french. haha. I had a hard time converting from euro to sgd. In the end I just looked for those which are discounted 50% or above. That way I just have to look at the price tag. haha. bought some clothes. but i realised they are quite lousy. but nvm la. buy already. :P

going out with a 16 yr old girl today to shop in la Roche Bernard. That's the town nearby. (think: i'm in a village, there's a town nearby and Paris is a city which is also the capital). whee! I'm going to visit the perfume shop and try to buy some stuff since its still the sales in the whole of france.

For those who love shopping, go France in January for the winter wear (and also summer but they're rare. but if you manage to find some (like I did) they are at an outrageously low price). or June/July for the summer wear. That's for the whole of France. Yes. you got that right. whole of france. so hurry up go Paris in June! heee. for all the branded goods.

cheers and XOXO guiyi and bibi (who waves his paws happily in the cold)

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