Friday, February 08, 2008


yup yup. firstly my flight to london was extremely eventful. My trip was cancelled due to bruillard! haha. and the next flight to paris was booked full. (it didn't help that all flights from paris to london was cancelled due to the BA crash at heathrow airport). so anyway, so many obstacles in the way. therefore I had to travel on the next day.

unfortunately, that meant that I had to skip the interview at king's college. what a pity. i really wanted to get into king's! but sigh. i supposed it was predestined. :(

Stayed overnight at a local B&B near the airport. It was SO SCARY. the people next door kept banging on the walls and I refused to leave to room except to scour for food at the ground floor. Bought instant pasta. :( Poor me.

And the my flight the next day got delayed for an hour. So much for being lucky. I ran out of luck the moment I left Marzan. :(

anw, when i reached london, my sis met up with me. the happiest few days of my travel! cause i finally had someone to talk to properly. so i kept chatting with her. and i think she found me too talkative but honestly! it wasn't my fault i was speaking a foreign language for so long. :) fun visiting places with her because she could explain the history of England to me. :)

After she left I was quite alone but it really was an adventure since I could get lost and find nice food alone. I also went on the Jack the Ripper trail alone! Which is really frightening since it took place at night when all was dark and eerie. It didn't help that I was on my own. haha. But it really was an experience. And I finally understood why the movie was named "From Hell" --> it's a really good movie about Jack the Ripper. some of the facts are skewed tho. but what isn't. -_-

The one thing I really hate about travelling alone is the lack of nice photographs with me in it. 90% of my photos are of inanimate objects and scenary. sigh. :(

took a nice video of ducks quacking! :) haha. and swans swimming. :) at hyde park where I got lost before my interview. beautiful.

love france, love england. :)

guiyi at 2:30 AM