Tuesday, September 12, 2006

i keep losing things nowadays.

especially those precious to me.

i'm so useless.

today i lost a water bottle and a best friend.

and the water bottle meant a lot to me.

and i will not talk about the best friend.

anyway, was in a foul mood during chem. doesn't help that i can't remember a single s**t for chem. even though i thought i studied.

oh yes. matthew tried to cheer me up. told me a joke. about matthew timo and yuklun walking in a forest. i think.

and the joke worked.

i laughed. :) haha thanks matthew that cheered me up alot. really. was laughing on my way back cause i saw an old lady.

and that was one sick joke. doesn't help that yuk and timo was sitting opposite me when you told me.

i wish my water bottle would apparate in front of me right now.

i wish i live in harry potter's world.

but life is about wishing and not getting ain't it.

which reminds me. my water bottle is a need okay. not a want. :P ahah. unlike hek ding.

sometimes i would rather you call back and scold me and argue with me. than to ignore me.

guiyi at 6:57 PM


Sunday, September 10, 2006

haven't really been mugging during the hols. mainly doing pw. !@#$%^&*() now that it's done i don't feel like doing anything else.

hmmm. it's strange how sometimes when you're upset or troubled you tend to turn to someone you're not very close to and blabber....

the last few weeks i've been really really depressed... (must be pmsing)

but i didn't really talk much to my close friends at first. the funniest thing is, i went to divulge something really strange to someone who isn't really that close.

and the other day, i went to blabber to someone else about the same thing! i mean. i'm not exactly what you'll call tight-lipped. but neither am i a big mouth. sigh.

anyway, friends. thank you for hearing me out. i've shown a really morbid side of myself to you. i whined! oh my god. was super whiny super emo and super negative. help.

haha. so just in case you dont know. i don't usually sound like the way i did in the smses. thanks. friends. :)

guiyi at 1:11 AM


Monday, September 04, 2006


accidents do happen.
i slip-
i trip-
i stumble-
i fall-

and usually i don't care at all.
But now i don't know what to do
Cause i slipped and fell in love with you.

Nice! :)

guiyi at 10:04 PM