Wednesday, April 25, 2007


i really must blog about this memorable event.

first of all, the night before was crazy. in order to ensure that everyone sleeps at 10.30pm we smsed them 20 mins beforehand to have time check. hahaha. :)

anyway! am very very proud of all the dancers esp the boys, because we really improved a lot from the very beginning, and i'm really happy because we didn't give up, and as ms tan said: "not giving the battle up but fighting with all we've got". :) think laoshi is also quite happy with all our efforts and the hard work put in. which is why, in the end, the award doesn't matter because the process was much more important. we've showed the team spirit that we possess and persevered through all the dusty and sweaty hall pracs that's all that matters. :)

anyway the thing that was really funny was what happened at UCC.

First it was my brother. he came to support me. and he knows our dance has samsuis so he tried to look for me. and that super intelligent guy was hanging around the group and when i walked back from the toiled he approached me with a look of concern and asked, "sorry excuse me, do you know where is guiyi?" you should see the look on my face. i burst out laughing and started waving and said, "hi ge. ni gao shen me gui". loosely translated: what's wrong with you. hahahaha. and he was so stunned (apparently the samsui costume + make up completely changed my features) he grabbed my shoulders and shook me and said, "what happened to you? what did you do" hahahahhaa! it's really very funny. that look on his face and his actions were priceless. :P

and the next funny thing is that we took laoshi's advice seriously. when we went backstage alison was like ok we don't look at the performers so we shall face the wall, away from all distractions. :) whee! so we all faced the wall and emo-ed or marked our steps. and the SA people next to us thought we were crazy cause i think we looked really weird. they kept looking. hahaha. and the funniest part is when the next school came in, i think they thought it was a rule or sth and they all turned and started facing the wall too. it was hilarious. if not for the fact that i was nervous i would have laughed out loud. well i suppose the runners will have a lot to talk about: the trend of facing walls. :D if you were an outsider youwould find the scene really really funny. :D

anyway, very happy because mr hodge said our performance was spectacular. :) and that he was proud to be our principal. :) whee! :D

yup. so all in all, today is a happy day. :)

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