Thursday, October 30, 2008

screwed up security guard

I don't know what's the problem with the security guard at the mech eng building/tanaka business school. He seriously has an attitude problem. The last time when I was walking into the building, I saw someone get stuck because he didn't tap his card at the card reader. And the security guard was just yelling: You see? How are you supposed to get through if you don't tap your card? Literally SHOUTING he was.

So today when I was walking in, my natural reaction was to tap my card (just to make sure right?). In any case the doors were not revolving or anything and I wasn't sure how it worked so i just tapped my card. Boy was I yelled at this time for tapping my card. He was like: Excuse me, why did you tap your card? And I'm was like what? (3 times because I was thinking DUH you can tell why I tapped the card cause I wanted to get in? Stupid question really. I don't know what's his problem). And finally because I looked so puzzled at his question, he elaborated and asked why did you tap the card? The door is obviously working (or sth to that extent). And then he said sth that pissed me off so bad. He went: That's commen sense man. Do you have no commen sense? And I'm like huh. So I said the last time I saw someone get stuck because someone did not tap the card. And he looked away and went very rudely: (mockingly) Oh the last time the last time... Don't you have commen sense at all? Use your commen sense man! The door's working why do you have to tap your card?

And I'm like (rolls eyes) ok I won't do that the next time. (ROLLS EYE) sorry. And I walked away, shaking my head. And he still looked so pompous and happy with himself, looking at me with disdain as though I'm so stupid. Honestly he has a serious attitude problem. I wonder why nobody's complained or done anything about it yet. Screwed up. If I didn't have self restrain or if I wasn't in a rush I would have punched him. Or argued with him. Because I'm pretty sure I will win. All I have to do is to point out that he is obviously angry with something and he is taking it out on me probably because I look small and easy to bully. And probably because of my ethnicity (minority). Don't know who/what pissed him off so bad. But I'm pretty sure it mustn't have been one sole tapping of my card. He was being unreasonable because he thought he had the upperhand and I was easy to bully and push around. Typical beep guy.

guiyi at 10:51 AM


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

in london!

hey hey.

haven't been updating much but anyway... having fun at london, and missing home. I miss the cleanliness in singapore (i mean we don't have to hop over dog poo everyday!) and the high tech shopping malls and the nice smooth floor....

Not that I don't like the feeling of staying in a place with the old vintage look but too much of it can get gloomy at times. I think i really need to get down to doing some of the touristy things to make myself feel happy that I'm in london. Like visit more museums, go on more tours, go visit the cathedrals and abbeys, and palaces.... Love history. Don't know why I chose Medicine now. I feel dread everytime I go for anatomy/dissection class. And I don't even know if it's because i'm not used to the culture here. They drink beer like water. Honestly. Where do their livers go ? And a lot of my friends are already starting to doubt the doctors here (because they lie drunk on the floor outside the bar after our freshers events).

Maybe I'm just getting jaded because of school, because I think london is really a great place to be. But now i wish I'm at a more picturesque place. I really wanna go see the stonehenge and bath. :) I think bath will be a fantastic place. :)

guiyi at 7:56 AM